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Y'all should know me well enough.

>> THE MAIN SCENE: Needing a vacation from my Hamptons trip (btw it was safe to be there). Back in sweats and sipping rose, and binge watching all of Selling Sunset. Think Million Dollar Listing had a baby with The Hills. Sooooooo L.A.

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Hi Lady,

Welcome to The Search Scene, issue #10!

Can’t believe its September already! Is it me or was it just March yesterday? Time has been flying in this pandemic, and for many, it may not have been the most fun, but don’t fret. We are here to help add a little spice to your life. I know summer 2020 is pretty much over and yes we are still in a pandemic…so let’s make the best of it. Grab your Zoom, your comfiest sweatpants and slippers, and cheers to self-care. It’s been a journey and whether you are searching for work and/or love. Girl, we got you.

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>> 💻 WORK & 💕LOVE:

Did you know that 54% of Americans have had a workplace crush? (source). So, the next question begs…have you ever found yourself looking extra good for that meeting (yes, even Zoom), or taking the extra-long way to pass by his desk (back in the day)? Yup, girl you are crushing those numbers…and those feelings.

Sometimes it is hard to meet that special someone. Not everyone meets their forever person in college, or even after college, so it makes sense that there is a big chance of meeting someone at work (where we spend a majority of our time). There is a theory when it comes to love — that the more time you spend with someone and/or are more familiar with them, the more attractive they are. Obviously aside from the fact that you can’t stop staring into their clear blue eyes…

*pinch*…anyways, here’s how TSS would deal with a work crush. After all, we know the search can be hard, so let’s not make it harder. ;) We just know how to work it.

How to Crush @ Work without Being Crushed:

  1. Talk to a Trusted Work Friend. You’re there to work, not flirt (although fun to do both). So, make sure your priorities are in order before acting on your crush. Talk to a work friend (ICYMI, your work wife from the last newsletter…) so that you can analyze the situation better and get feedback on the potential match.

  2. Become Friends First: Most couples will say they married their best friend. Maybe you and your crush have a lot in common — so talk about your interests over drinks and/or go watch the Super Bowl together and kick it. The easiest way to fall in love is to just let it happen naturally. Friendship is a foundational element of a healthy relationship. Start off with being friends first.

  3. Flirt. Make the First Move: I mean, Bumble was invented for a reason. Girl, you can make the first move, and most guys find that super HOT. Obviously be professional and remember that work comes first, but it couldn’t hurt to ask the cute guy at the office to grab a quick coffee. Or to challenge you in Candy Crush? Emphasis on the Crush.

  4. Weigh the Pros and Cons. Talk to HR: If you and your crush end up feeling it out, definitely weigh the pros and cons before pursuing a serious relationship. There are potential legal repercussions if you date within the company, etc., so be careful to mix work and personal. Talk to HR if you are unsure.

  5. Work Hard for Your Money: B**** better have my money, for sure. Don’t let your crush distract you. Instead, work harder so that your crush can get even more turned on by your ability to take care of yourself. And if he doesn’t… he needs to wake up and smell the roses (and maybe you need to find another crush).

  6. Stay in Contact: People change jobs all the time. Especially now in the volatile economy. So, if you do end up leaving your job, use this opportunity to keep your crush “in your network” before you leave. If he is the one leaving, there is no better time then to do #3. Make the first move to say good-bye while also saying hello…to the possibility of being with someone great…because YOU ARE. ;)

“I’m most prepared for Happy Hour. It’s my favorite meeting.” - TSS

We know the search can be daunting, and we like to have fun while we do things, so why not join us on this search party together? We are here to support you. <3

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💫We don’t just give you the best love and job-search advice, but also some recs where you can (safely) go to impress. Here are some TSS approved places that are open for biz. These places are great for networking and/or dates, so grab your mask and a drink! We ain’t closing. Cheers, babe. *Clink* 🥂


The Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City

>>☕️ THE SCENECitizens of Chelsea, 401 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001, $$, 8 AM - 9 PM, is a great spot for grabbing coffee with a colleague and/or a networking date. This Aussie favorite has multiple locations (Chelsea, Gramercy, Bleecker, Soho) in the city and is best known for its organic fare, coffee in turquoise cups, and chill vibes. This place is usually always PACKED because it’s so popular so I would highly recommend calling in advance and/or getting to one of the spots early. P.S. Get the Matcha Latte, the Wellness Bowl, or the Smashing Avocado!


  • AHH, I’M DOUBLE BOOKED on September 5th!!

    >>BURN NIGHT, NOT BOOK — ever wondered what all the hype of Burning Man was all about? Now, you can check it out online before you venture to the actual desert. Check it out here.

    >>SURF LODGE, DUH : Partnering with Bumble and Gov Ball, the famous beach party destination out east is back at it again. Mark your cals for this.

  • September 12th: PARTY TIME with Yoga and Daybreaker Live, 9 AM - 1 PM EST, Cost: $12 Early Bird, Buy Tix here.

  • Septemeber 17th: Future of Beauty & Wellness at Home with Keynote Speaker Miranda Kerr (Also, Bobbi BrownLo Bosworth and more are speaking…), Time: All Day, Cost: FREE, Register here.

  • October 1st: Get Money, Get Paid; Ladies 1 Day Virtual Summit on Money, Career, Business, Wellness , 12-6PM EST, Cost: $29.99 Early Bird, Buy Tix here.


>>🌹THE SCENEGarden of Love at Gitano, 76 Varick St, New York, NY 10013, $$$, 11 AM - 12 AM, is one of my absolute FAVORITE spots. I’ve had brunches, dates, parties, private events here and it is always on point. Hailing from Tulum, imagine a jungle (within the concrete jungle) serving trendy Mexican fare and superb cocktails, where the cute bartenders wear leopard shirts, and there’s a disco ball spinning above…yes, it is all the feels. P.S. Get the Guac or Watermelon Salad. Also, anything Mezcal, please!


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Talk to ya after the holidays. ;) Happy LDW!


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