I'm a Survivor

I'm Not Gonna Give Up

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Hi Lady,

Welcome to The Search Scene, issue #7! 

Our team is working hard BTS to bring you the bad@$$ content you crave, to help you with your search for work/love. We are dedicated to helping you with your search, no matter what. Because from experience, the search is a journey in life where you'll learn the most. So, girl, we got you. Let’s get right to it.

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Since we last talked, we discussed how similar a breakup and losing a job can be — both leaving you feeling rejected and heartbroken, muddled with a bunch of anxiety. It sucks to pick up your things from your ex’s apartment, and/or get that package of desk items from your former boss. The breakup and job/loss are both heart and gut-wrenching, and it is not easy to go through, however, there is so much to learn when these types of life events happen to us. You have to realize that this all a part of life — that many other women out there (even celebrities) have been through something similar, if not the very same situation, so, know that you’re not alone.

What I’ve learned from my experiences in difficult times:

  • Stop blaming yourself. Just stop putting yourself down. Period.

  • Treat this as a blessing in disguise. Now, you’re one step closer to finding the right “one” or the right “job.” Chin up.

  • Check-in with your loved ones. Be open with those around you, and reach out for support. Accept that you are only human.

  • DIFYS => Do.It.For.Your.Self. Focus on yourself. Do things that make you happy, and/or try something new. There is a sense of freedom that comes from getting rid of toxicity from our lives. Feel and be free.

  • Accept your feelings, but don’t let them take over your life. Learn from your mistakes moving forward, and just shine because you’re a strong bad@$$ woman.

  • Show and express gratitude. Things could be much worse, especially as we are all in this pandemic right now. There is a lot to be thankful for, like good health, family, friends, puppies, the summer sun. :)

Treat this time to reflect on how far you come, and what you really want. Don’t give up on you. Here at The Search Scene, we are proud of you and we got you, girl.

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I hate being like everyone else (the Aquarius in me), and I’m a New York snob when it comes to going to certain places (*shrug*). So, I’m going to feature our TSS approved places in NYC that are open for business, while also encouraging you to be safe if you decide to hang. These places are great for networking and/or dates, so grab your mask, grab a drink, and support OUR city. Cheers, babe. *Clink*


>> THE SCENE: Remi Flower & Coffee Cafe, 906 2nd Ave, New York, NY, 10017. Great for Networking. Why? Because of its central location, it is a perfect spot to meet someone who lives anywhere in the city (even Brooklyn!) Sit in a beautiful garden in a quiet part of the concrete jungle and sip on rose and lavender lattes. Enough said. Check out the IG: @remi.nyc



  • August 13th: Owning Your Origin Story Workshop with Elizabeth Segran, author of The Rocket Years: How Your Twenties Launch the Rest of Your Life, @ 5 PM EST, Cost: FREE, Register here.

  • August 15th: For Movers & Shakers. Feat…Making it with Madewell by Create & Cultivate. ALL DAY, Cost: FREE, Register here.

  • August 18th: Stand Out & Speak Up: How women entrepreneurs can find their voice in a world full of noise, 1 PM EST, Cost: FREE, Register here.

  • September 12th: PARTY TIME with Yoga and Daybreaker Live, 9 AM - 1 PM EST, Cost: $12 Early Bird, Buy Tix here.


>> THE SCENE: Olio E Piu, 3 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10014. Everyone knows the West Village is where it is at. Whether you are dining solo, or on a blind date, the ambiance is romantic. Everything is set up safely for outdoor dining with florals everywhere to compliment a classic Italian menu. P.S. Make a reservation. Check out the IG: @olioepiu


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Until next time. I’ll be in the Hamptons so talk to you after.


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