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Hi Lady,

Welcome to The Search Scene, issue #6! Holidays take a toll on me, but I’m back — here as your go-to resource when searching for work and/or love. :)

Firstly, I’d like to start off by saying this pandemic is not taking a vacation, so please stay safe and mask up. Trust me, I can’t wait to play Future’s Mask Off when this is over (you laughed).

So…I recently had a profound reflection about The Search Scene. I get a lot of questions about why I started this newsletter, and what fuels me at its core is helping bad@$$ women like you, in your search for work and/or love. However, I realized something pivotal about searching — that in my life, the process of searching was the most enlightening because it allowed me to figure out what I truly wanted. It is the actual searching for and then finding whether it is the right partner or the right job, that makes it all worth it. It is about the journey, leading up to the destination.

When you feel broken from a breakup, or worthless from a lay-off, your self-esteem can be absolutely crushed and things can look bleak. Chin up, lady. Things will turn around when you practice self-love, invest time and effort into the search, and have faith that things will be okay. Don’t fixate on the past as a roadblock, but rather, as a guiding point towards your future. What have you learned from these experiences? How can you focus on moving forward? What truly makes everything worth it to me, is the resilience I’ve built from difficult times — when I picked myself up from rock bottom and learned how to love myself and rebuild my confidence. I’ve grown the most from the most difficult times in my life and learned that whether good or bad, it is the search that made me who I am today. So, if you ask me what fuels this newsletter, it really is about helping YOU in your search — so that you can learn more about your needs, wants, non-negotiables, and more. So that you can enjoy the search and find what you want and deserve in work and/or love.

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For those of you who don’t know her and her biz, check out the link because TK is a bad@$$ entrepreneur who made Pangea Dreams the #1 leader in women’s educational retreats. We will be talking about her journey as a successful entrepreneur, what it takes to search for your purpose, and more! R.S.V.P here before tickets sell out.


  • July 10th, @ 12:00pm EST — Lauren McGoodwin: CEO of Career Contessa & Hayet Rida: Founder of That Hayet Rida, Cost: FREE, RSVP here.

  • July 14th, @ 12:30pm EST — Creator Conversation, an interview with Blogger Courtney Quinn of Color Me Courtney, Cost: FREE, RSVP here.

  • July 16th, @ 1:30pm EST — Yours Truly with Tracy Komlos, Founder/CEO of Pangea Dreams!, Cost: FREE, RSVP here.

  • July 17th, @ 12:00pm EST Koya Webb: Founder of Get Loved Up, Cost: FREE, RSVP here.

  • July 21st, @ 12:30pm EST — Editing Video 101 with Adobe Premium Pro with Puno Dostres: Founder of ilovecreatives, Cost: FREE, RSVP here.

  • July 24th, @ 12:00pm EST — Jessica Nabongo: Founder & CEO of Jet Black and Founder of The Catch, Cost: FREE, RSVP here.

  • July 25th, ALL DAY — Create & Cultivate Beauty & Wellness Summit, Feat: Miranda Kerr & Michelle Pfeiffer, Cost: $49.99, RSVP here.

  • July 28th, @ 12:30pm EST — How to Create a Video Like a YouTuber with Lucie Fink, video producer and lifestyle host, Cost: FREE, RSVP here.

  • July 31st, @ 12:00pm EST Sarah Anne Stewart: Holistic Health Practitioner & Anna Sheffield: Jewelry Designer, Cost: FREE,RSVP here.

  • August 7th, 12:00pm EST  Mandy Ansari: Digital Marketer, Brand Strategist and Mental Health Advocate, Cost: FREE, RSVP here.

  • August 8th, @ 12:30pm EST  How to Edit Social Media Videos with content creator coach Xayli Barclay, Cost: FREE, RSVP here.

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