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It’s a Party in the USA!

>> THE SCENE: Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk. I’m missing my GFs. If only we could DITCH the pandemic in PLAINS BEACH sight…see what I did there? Ha.

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Welcome to The Search Scene! Here to give you free tips and resources on finding work and/or love. 

For this special edition newsletter, I’ll be talking all things fun, flirty, and mostly FREE for the Fourth…because it’s almost here! America’s boozy birthday bash is coming up, and I can’t wait to celebrate independence with family, fireworks, and well...booze. 

Although things are a little differently this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy or create a jam-packed calendar of events and activities. I know that current events have got me thinking about what it means to be American, and be proud of our nation, even through difficult times. Let’s celebrate the United States, which is still our home, and remember we should celebrate our freedom and diversity and remember how important both are to this country.

Also, let’s take a break from the job and love search, and let’s have some fun.

P.S. If you like what you read, invite your friend to the party. 

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Work it ALL out girl. If you haven’t heard of Barry’s Bootcamp, it is definitely something to consider if you want to tighten up and get rid of the “Quarantine-Fifteen” (gulp...yea, lots of wine…). 

 PRO TIP —>> Before the class, hydrate a LOT and prep to sweat because they call this the “best workout in the world.” This HIIT class mixes both strength and cardio fitness into a dynamic, high-intensity workout that is fun, trendy, and totally worth it. I’ve done the Hamptons and Manhattan classes and they literally kick @$$, and make your @$$ burn. It feels GREAT (after a little pain).

If you’re new to this class, try a virtual workout at home for cost-savings. At-home classes are $20 compared to the in-person classes, which go for $38 in NYC (also much safer right now because of the pandemic). However, this search hack can help: Take a FREE intro class with the CEO Joey Gonzalez, watch here.



Colors are obvious, but outfits? I tend to go for a blue seersucker jumpsuit or a pair of flared vintage blue jeans and a cozy white tee with red lips and tassel earrings. Since some of us are still in quarantine, RWB tie-dyed loungewear is a super cute alternative! There are online tutorials on YouTube on how to DIY. Tie-dye has been trending since the beginning of the pandemic, but why not take it up a notch, and make it festive. To dye for, am I right? ;)

Still short of ideas? Well, definitely check out these cute denim shorts and other fun outfit ideas from Brit + Co here. Love me some bandeau cropped tops, jumpsuits, and anything Reformation too. Also, shoutout to the CEO Brit Morin who founded Brit + Co, a media platform that inspires creative bad@$$ women…just like YOU.


Thirsty and feeling festive? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been craving healthier, lighter drinks since its summer, and also I need a switcheroo. I’m tired of the red bottle of wine (for now) and want to go a little lighter for the summer holidays. Check out these top 10 refreshing drink ideas here by The Kitchn.

Cheers to America and also to you! I’m definitely trying out the mixed berry sangria, the watermelon mint frose, oh and the lemonade rose. P.S. If you view the article, click on the drink you want to make and it will direct you to the recipe.

P.P.S. Forward to a friend if you like what you’re reading. Spread the love.

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WWYW(Watch When You Want): Foundermade Discovery Showroom for Leadership and Wellness Products, Cost: FREE, View here until July 3rd. You’ll need the PW to access: EVOLVEMYBIZ101 (capslock on).

June 29th -> Betches @ Home PRIDE PARTY @ 8 PM EST, Cost: $10, Buy Tix here

July 1st -> Daybreaker Sunrise in New York City DANCE PARTY @ 7:30 AM - 9 AM EST, Cost: $12-$15, Buy Tix here.

P.S. Radha Agrawal is the founder of Daybreaker and is a bad@$$ entrepreneur.

July 2nd -> Betches @ Home America’s Virtual BIRTHDAY PARTY @ 8 PM EST, Cost: $10, Buy Tix here.

P.S. Jordana Abraham, Samantha Fishbein and Aleen Kuperman founded Betches, and they are some damn good Betches I’ve read about.


If you’re still uncomfortable with going out to see live fireworks…do not fret. America still knows how to celebrate, and knows how to put on a good firework show — saying “it’s my birthday, after all.” On July 4th, check out the many LIVE streams of fireworks from wherever you are. Here are some options. Stay safe, have fun, and HAPPY FOURTH!

Until next time — when we get back to searching for work and love. Also, did you notice our new lewk? Yea — more cool stuff coming your way, so thanks for tuning in.


The Search Scene

P.S. Closing out. Invite your friend to join the Search party. ;)

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