💄Ugh, as if!

That was harsh, Tai.

>> THE MAIN SCENE: Next to the pool, sipping a watermelon smoothie. Also, did ya hear? CLUELESS is getting a “serious reboot” with Dionne as the lead. Can’t wait for this…and all that fashion! Plaid’s comeback.

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Hi Lady,

Welcome to The Search Scene, issue #9!

Wanna know a secret? We are launching something NEW very soon — here to help you with your search for work/love. Because from experience, the search is a journey in life where you'll learn the most. So, girl, we got you. Let’s get right to it.

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Have you ever met someone you had instant chemistry with? Not just a romantic partner, but also a best friend who you feel like is your soul sister — someone who just GETS you (and you don’t even have to say a word)…?

Especially during this time, it is so important to have someone you can lean on. Someone you can be honest with, who supports you, cheers you on and up, who can make you laugh, who gets you. Whether it is your partner or your best friend (who can be both), it is important to have someone you trust and who also has your back, just as much as you have theirs.

>> 💻 WORK: Whenever I start a job, I’ve always made sure to make connections, but most importantly, find at least one new friend who ends up being my work wife (or hubby). You may be thinking, well why wouldn’t you want to make a new friend at work? Well, let me tell you — it’s more than just for water cooler gossip.

Why a WW (work wife) is DOPE:

  1. Job Satisfaction. Most people spend a lot of their lives at work and chances are, you’ll be more satisfied at work if you enjoy the people you work with. It’s a fact (read the literature). Especially if you have a work wife/hubby who gets your working style, your personality, etc. They can make those financials more bearable, and be your reward for when you finish that accounting sheet!

  2. Navigating Politics. Yuck. But yes, this is still a thing (even in some startups). If you have a friend at work, they are instantly your ally. They can be your informant regarding any workplace changes and can be your sponsor in meetings to show that your ideas are supported. Woot.

  3. Mentorship. Your work peers are people who most likely understand your working style, and can give you honest feedback, especially your work wife. They can help review your resume, provide an honest perspective, connect you to resources and/or others in the firm who can also help you succeed in your job.

  4. A Filter/Soundboard. Definitely a great way to deal with #2. Ask your work wife if that email should be sent in response, or if its at risk of being sent to HR…

  5. A Guaranteed Positive Referral. Ask your work wife to be your reference/referral. Guaranteed she’ll do it, and you’ll be taking her out to Happy Hour to thank her. (Just please, no shots… it’s a Monday…)

“You’re the Sugar to my Spice.” - TSS

>> 💕LOVE: Whether it is your childhood best friend or even your work wife who plays double agent, close friends can help ground you and give you self-esteem in your life. However, what happens when they get into a battle with your partner for the coveted spot of BFF to you?

What You Could Do If Have 2 BFFs…

  1. Find Common Ground. What if your BFF and your partner share the same taste in music? Yup, you know what to do. Google that concert.. or at least in a pandemic, put on some music for all of y’all to jam to together.

  2. Ask for Favors. Babe, know your power. If your best friend has a shelf that needs to be built and they need help, volunteer your partner to bring tools over and help them out. Also, give both a heads-up… that’ll help.

  3. Test the Waters. Sort of goes back to #2, it has to do with effort. If your partner won’t level up and (at least) try to make things work with your BFF, that is a red flag. Likewise, if your BFF won’t even give your partner a chance to win them over as well, that is also a blegh. Ask yourself, why it doesn’t work after genuine attempts…something to think about.

  4. Schedule Time. If both are vying for your time, try to schedule time more efficiently (like send a Zoom invite…lol). Obviously priorities change as romantic relationships get more serious, but neglecting your friendships isn’t healthy. Honestly, you’ll make time for important people in your life and vice versa. Don’t lose sight of valuable relationships aside from your boo.

And…know that you’ll always have us. We’ll bring you the real deal. Glad we had this heart to heart. <3

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💫We don’t just give you the best love and job-search advice, but also some recs where you can (safely) go to impress. Here are some TSS approved places that are open for biz. These places are great for networking and/or dates, so grab your mask and a drink! We ain’t closing. Cheers, babe. *Clink* 🥂


>>☕️ THE SCENEThe Golden Pear , $$. This is one of my absolute FAVORITES in the Hamptons. It is the best of both worlds — a cute cafe right in town, and the perfect brunch spot. It’s great to casually connect with someone here, for a coffee or a nice brunch… to talk business of course! ;) Also, they take online reservations and are super-efficient with them. You just order online via their site, roll up, and pick up your food right by the cashier. P.S. Get the Southampton sandwich.



  • August 26th: How to Build a Successful Wellness Brand with Susan Griffin Black, Founder & CO-CEO of EO Products; 1 PM EST, Cost: Free, Register here.

  • September 12th: PARTY TIME with Yoga and Daybreaker Live, 9 AM - 1 PM EST, Cost: $12 Early Bird, Buy Tix here.

  • Septemeber 17th: Future of Beauty & Wellness at Home with Keynote Speaker Miranda Kerr (Also, Bobbi Brown, Lo Bosworth and more are speaking…), Time: All Day, Cost: FREE, Register here.


>>🌹THE SCENE“A bohemian eatery in the heart of the Hamptons” - Wolffer Kitchen, $$$, is a special gem of a spot. Super romantic, but also great for a girl’s brunch. You can split a bottle (or two) of their famous summer rose while enjoying the highly decorative indoor and outdoor spaces. As always, make reservations ahead of time — summer in the Hamptons is still NYC style. Tres chic.


P.S. Invite your friends to the party. Share the love. XO.

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Talk to ya soon. Getting my tan on. ;)


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